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2019 Try Out Information

Edison High School 2019 Girls Lacrosse Tryout Forms & Information:

Thank you for your interest in the EHS Girls Lacrosse Program. We hope this packet answers all your questions for our tryout process. We will also offer a Q & A session on Wednesday October 16th at 6:30pm in the Library, both parents and students are welcome to attend this event. 

It is important to note that girls cannot tryout until they are cleared by the athletic office.

Tryout Duration/TimesVarsity 3 days - November 5th-7th from 3-5pm. Junior Varsity – November12th-14th from 3-4:30pm.  Players must attend all three days of try outs to be considered for that team.

Selection for the Varsity team will conclude on Thursday November 7th (3 day tryout), the remainder of the tryout period will complete selections for the junior varsity team.

We will hold a second round of try outs in January for girls involved in Winter Season sports and those unable attend the first round of try outs. That date will be published shortly.


Students will be identified by a number only. Evaluations will be done by coaches from the inside the team and outside the team. Most players will not know the outside coaches Students must wear a different number each day. Each team will select 15-20 girls. The exact number will be at the discretion of the head coach for each team.  Scoring will be conducted by a minimum of 3 coaches.


Girls that want to play lacrosse at EHS must attend tryouts. If you are injured/ill/have limited participation during our 3 day tryout schedule you will not be placed on varsity, but can participate in winter sports athlete tryouts.  If you have a known injury you are to be reporting the trainer, to be placed on a rehabilitation program as soon as possible, please do not show up on the first day of tryouts with an injury that you could have been rehabbing on prior to tryouts, the goal is to be healthy prior to tryouts or as soon as possible soon after, commencing rehab on the 1st day of tryouts with a known injury is irresponsible and will not help your case-by-case request for injury consideration.

-In the case of illness, please contact Coach Hendrix ([email protected]) as early as possible to prearrange the absence. Absences must be arranged prior to the start of tryouts on Tuesday, November 5th, 2019 3:00pm.

-In case of injury or any limitations that may impede you from 100% tryout participation, the student-athlete is to report to the Athletic Trainers office for sports treatment prior to tryouts (if you are injured now, please immediately start seeing the athletic trainer to start a treatment plan so you can work towards being tryout ready. Prior to the start of tryouts, you must bring a note from the trainer’s office listing your condition, treatment plan and what your limited participation is.

Tryout Equipment/Appropriate Clothing Requirements:

Each day of tryouts students must bring and maintain all of the following:

  1. Cleats and running shoes are a must. We often run on the track.

  2. Mouth guards are required.

  3. Sticks, we have these for new players to use during tryouts, we recommend purchasing a stick only after teams have been announced.

  4. Goggles, we have these for new players to use during tryouts.

  5. Black shorts (dark is ok), white t-shirt or tank top, plain socks (no logos please).

  6. Water bottle(s) - Players are responsible for bringing their own water bottles with water.

  7. Reversible pinnies are distributed with a different number daily

Tryout Assessment:

In an effort to make the tryout fair and to provide equal experiences for all athletes we have created a list of the critical components we will consider as we make the final JV and Varsity team selections. The following is a list of the areas on which athletes will be evaluated during the tryout period.  

Stick work: 

  1. Left Hand stick skills

    1. Passing, catching, shooting, protection

  2. Right Hand stick skills

    1. Passing, catching, shooting, protection

Stick work scoring is evaluated throughout tryouts, it is important that student athletes demonstrate their strong stick work throughout the whole tryout process.

Defensive skill set:

  1. 8 meter defensive footwork & contact/triangle defense (awareness of ball and man with stick up or on an angle)

Horizontal Stick Contact is illegal.

  1. Loud and informative communication throughout defensive play.

  2. ”6th sense”, early slide anticipation for help or doubles.

  3. Fifty-fifty, ground ball/draw competition and possession.

  4. Ability to double the ball well in the defensive area and midfield

Attack skillset:

  1. Dodging & shot placement/crease roll

  2. Off ball movement to create scoring opportunities for teammates

  3. Midfield transition, ability to quickly receive and send leading passes up the field while on the move.

Fitness: The mile: Scoring will be based on the group, the top 10% of students will have a perfect score and points will be deducted from there, students who meet the “maximum time expected” will receive no less than 50% of the possible points, students whose time falls below the expected time may earn zero points. 1200 test: This is a “pass/fail test” in order to pass students must complete the test with no “misses”, a “missed” run can equate to a score of zero. Students who make time will receive no less than 50% of the possible points, the top 10% of students who arrive to the line a majority of the time will have a perfect score and points will be deducted from there.

  1. Timed mile- max time  8:00 minutes.

  2. 1200 yard test- various 40, 50, 100, and 300 yard sprints with no failures or quits.

  3. Fitness scoring can also be impacted in any drill throughout tryouts, it is important that students demonstrate their fitness throughout the whole tryout process.

Coachability/intensity/time/positional needs: Once scores are tabulated by all coaches, the head coach of each program will utilize the following subjective information:

  1. Positional Needs: If the top 12 scores were mainly attackers a head coach can look amongst the next group of close scores and select the individuals who scored higher in their “defensive” skillset to insure the team is well balanced.

  2. Time: Developmental time left to play in program (e.g. a freshman who has the same score as a junior would have more time than a junior to develop; outside conflicts could also impact your time to develop.

  3. Coachability: Quick and proper execution of instructions such as a new player quickly picking up the correct

fundamentals would score higher than an experience player with a bad habit related to the fundamentals.

  1. Intensity: Student displayed intensity throughout tryouts (player who goes all out at tryouts will most likely do so at practice and in games).

Game Sense:

  1. 2v3 (game sense scoring can also be impacted by 3v2 work): Defense: doubling ball, causing a turnover as a team or individual.

  2. 3v2 (game sense scoring can also be impacted by 2v3 work): Attack: creating space, opportunities, and scoring.

  3. Scrimmages – Ability to stand out in a scrimmage environment. 

Game Sense score - Students who “fly under the radar” or go unnoticed during unsettled drills or the scrimmage session will have a hard time gaining any scrimmage points.


Edison Girls Lacrosse Varsity Expectations 

-Practice 2-2.5 hours every day Monday-Fridays around 3-5pm (extra 30 min is used for film or lifting on certain days throughout the season for varsity)

-Any Saturday practices, games, or tournaments are mentioned on the calendar, although there are only a few, these like our practices and games throughout the week are mandatory. All players may ask for an individual work out with their coaches at any time.

-Conditioning is incorporated into practice each day, we sometimes begin with circuit training, agility training, fitness or core work. 

-Team Fun Runs – We will make small trips to run for distance work at the beach and in the back bay area.

-There is no Spring Break practice this year, however students will be issued lacrosse workouts to complete upon their return for both JV and Varsity. 

-We have many fundraisers throughout the year to fundraise for our team. This year we plan to take the entire program to the high ropes course for team bonding.  All in season team fundraisers and events are mandatory.

-Out of season fundraiser participation is always optional however, it is great opportunity to get together with team mates and support the program. 

-We practice hard, we play hard and most importantly we have fun! 

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